Believe You Can.


Believe You Can.


We want more people to experience the benefits of a boxing workout and build winning exercise habits.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, 6-week bikini body or shred programme, Boxx isn’t for you. If you’re that person who perhaps hasn't found a type of exercise they love or is fed up of starting only to quit a few weeks/months later, then you've come to the right place. Our mission is to change your life by helping you completely reframe how you see fitness. Read our Founder Anna's story below to learn how.

Our founder's story

Hi, I'm Anna. I grew up not liking PE or sport. My first memory of finding an exercise I liked was when my mum took me to a boxing class (aged 11). From that day on, the only form of exercise I truly enjoyed was kickboxing or boxing.

But during my adult life, I struggled to work out consistently. I was fascinated by the way my husband, who grew up playing football, never wavered from showing up to exercise —even when he’d come straight off a night shift or when it was snowing outside, he’d still train or play football. I had always assumed he just had way more motivation than me.

Until a few years ago, when I read a book about the power of building habits. Something clicked. I realised my husband’s consistency wasn’t just down to motivation.

"It was because he had built a habit"

Since then, I’ve been fascinated by exercise psychology and behavioural change. In fitness, we seem to use the word ‘motivation’ (#motivationalmonday) A LOT and focus on the idea of ‘just getting started’ or ‘short term goals’. But we rarely focus on the long term, which usually requires some form of behaviour change or habit building and looking at potential barriers we face to do this.

Since launching Boxx five years ago...

The one thing I have seen our customers struggle with is being consistent with their exercise routines. Early on, we helped our customers find a way to exercise that they loved, through our boxing-inspired classes. However, we have spent the past two years building Boxx+ to really solve this problem and take our offering to the next level. By combining unrivalled tech with research-backed psychology, our team are on a mission to help our ever growing Boxx Fam to build exercise habits that won’t just last until the end of the month but will last a lifetime!



Welcome All

We aim to create spaces that feel accessible and welcoming, no matter what stage of life or fitness you're at.


Show Up

We encourage good habits. Showing up for yourself means believing in yourself.


Keep it Real

We stay grounded and honest, from what we say to what we do.


Dare to be different

We don't follow the crowd. We give you the confidence to unleash your inner champion.


Why boxing?

Besides being an incredible way to exercise physically (arguably the best!), it's the energy, the no-choice-but-to-live-in-the-moment, the fearlessness, the confidence, the strength, the clarity; the feeling that you're invincible. We want everyone, everywhere to have the opportunity to experience that feeling. Because it's about way more than boxing. It's about where that feeling can take you.


We believe good business balances profits with purpose

This is why we operate as a conscious business, where we not only consider the impact we have on the world, but equally how we serve our community.


Giving back

We're proud to partner with the Outrunners, a charity who have a passion for running and use it as a tool to give back to young people in Hackney. They help build young people's confidence and skills through activities, including a youth running club, careers events, work experience and coaching. We've been lucky enough to get involved with some of these activities and continue to look for new opportunities to support them and promote the great work they do.


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