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What is Boxx+?

Our boxing-inspired fitness app combines fun and effective workouts with psychology backed features designed to help you build an exercise routine that sticks. Download the app and get instant access to all our classes, series and programs. Combine with our Punch Pods to unlock the full Boxx+ experience. See your live punch metrics and monitor your progress overtime. Boxx at home, in the gym, anywhere!

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Classes you'll love.

Find boxing-inspired, strength, conditioning and recovery classes that fit every mood, fitness level and schedule. Our workouts (and playlists) are expertly curated and guaranteed to bring the vibes.


Playlists that bring the vibes.

Carefully curated playlists for each class from the biggest names. From Hip Hop to Pop, Disco to Dub Step, Garage to Grime. Music for everyone!


Monitor progress. Stay on track.

Set sustainable goals, schedule and track your workouts and celebrate your wins by unlocking badges. Designed specifically to help keep keep on track.


Why Boxxing?

Best Full Body Workout

Boxxing is the most effective workout for your body and mind!

Release Your Stresses

Nothing quite like throwing some punches to rid of your daily stresses.

All Levels Welcome

We teach you the basic so you can start where you're at an go at your own pace.

It's A Whole Vibe

It's actually really fun. Don't believe us, why not give it a go for FREE!

Our classes.

Boxx+ classes meet you where you're at, from beginner to pro. Every class has modifications that allow you to go at your own pace. Oh, and guaranteed vibes, each and every time.



Choose from a range of boxing-inspired classes, with or without Punch Pods. Feel nothing less than a champ, each and every time.



Weighted sessions to strengthen your body from head to toe. Get some power behind your punches, and your day ahead.



Sweat dripping classes to get your heart and energy levels pumping. All about those endorphins.



Guided stretch sessions to help improve your mobility and flexibility, while calming your body and mind.

Your coaches

Bringing you high energy, words of wisdom and a welcoming approach. Our coaches don't just curate your classes and banging playlists. They're here to lift you up and see you triumph.





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Frequently asked questions answered.

What’s included with a Boxx+ membership?

Access all of our classes from Boxing to Strength, Conditioning to Recovery. Our boxing classes include our much loved hybrid classes such as Boxx Strength (boxing and weights) and Boxx Conditioning (boxing and cardio) plus technique and beginner classes to get you started.

In need of some guidance or Inspo? We’ve got you with our guided programs and series.

Plus, those of you with Punch Pods will be able to track your metrics, join our live leaderboard classes and train alongside your fellow Boxx Fam members, launching very soon.

How much does a Boxx+ membership cost?

After your 30 day Free Trial, your Boxx+ membership starts from £7.99 per month on our monthly rolling membership. Cancel anytime. Punch Pods sold separately, visit our store to shop now.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yep! you can cancel your subscription anytime!

What is included in a Boxx+ Bundle

A pair of Punch Pods, Travel case, Boxx wraps + 3 months free membership.

What are the benefits of Punch Pods?

See your metrics in real time and monitor your progress overtime

Elevate your workout experience by making it interactive, giving that added level of motivation.

Proven to help you stay consistent with your workouts

Track your punches everywhere - studio, gym, with a PT or on holiday, every punch is connected.

Find more answers on our  FAQ  page.

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